Soil & Dirt Removal & Hauling Services

Excess dirt can be a burden when you’re trying to finish up that backyard facelift or break ground on a new construction project. When inclement weather strikes, that pile of dirt can turn into a nasty mud bog and become even more of a labor-intensive task to remove.

When you have dirt that needs to disappear, collecting, transporting, and legally disposing of it can be a challenge in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fortunately, the dirt removal specialists at Have Dumptruck Will Travel have the experience and expertise to get your dirt removal job done fast, professionally and at a cost-effective price.

Disadvantages of DIY Dirt Removal

Handling dirt removal on your own might be an option, but it’s not a safe or attractive one. Not only is it a difficult and dirty job, but it can also be dangerous because the material is unwieldy and heavy. If you’re thinking about taking this on as a DIY job, there are several reasons to reconsider.

  • Disposal Issues. Many disposal facilities have strict rules about what they will accept and how much they are going to charge for certain materials. For example, material that isn’t “pure dirt” is going to cost much more for disposal. This means that any dirt mixed with broken concrete or other debris will lead to a surprise when it’s time to pay.
  • Damage to Your Vehicle. Whether you are using your personal vehicle or one that you borrow or rent to dispose of this material, you are risking property damage by taking this on yourself. Dirt is heavier than most people realize and many vehicles aren’t equipped to carry this weight.
  • Risk of Personal Injury. Unless you’re a big fan of manual labor, this probably isn’t a job you want to take on yourself or push on a loved one. Improper lifting techniques can lead to serious and long-lasting injuries.

Dirt Recycling Ideas

Sending anything to a local landfill should be a last resort. Instead of getting rid of that excess dirt, you might be able to save yourself some trouble and costs by finding other uses for it. So, what can you do with all that dirt instead of hauling it away?

  • Berms. You can use excess dirt to create elevated areas on your property to hide undesirable features or create some structures for planting.
  • Raised Beds. Use the dirt, mixed with a blend of organic and inorganic material, to fill raised beds for growing a vegetable garden.
  • Potting Soil. Create your own potting soil with dirt by mixing it with compost, perlite, and peat moss.
  • Free Dirt. You might not want that dirt, but someone else certainly does. Find a way to connect with people who are looking for extra soil and have them come and pick it up. Post a notice online or put up an old fashioned sign, and you likely won’t have to pay for dirt removal.

Assuming you still have plenty of dirt that you need removed from your property, our dirt hauling and removal services are the best choice.

We will come to your San Francisco Bay Area location at a time that is convenient for you and complete the job at a fair price – all with the least possible effort on your end. Call us today or book your appointment online.