I used Have Dump Truck Will Travel during the construction of my house for all sorts of jobs. They helped with the site prep using their Bobcat for demolition and Dirt Digging and cleared the area by hauling everything away. Without them the construction would have been much harder and more expensive, I would recommend their demolition service to everyone.
Bob, San Francisco
Have Dump Truck Will Travel is hands down one of the best demolition companies in the Bay Area. I have used them on several occasions over the years for maintenance work but I was most impressed with their work on my driveway. They did all the concrete breakout, then installed the concrete pavers. After hauling away the old concrete, they left me with a beautiful new driveway and all for a reasonable price.
George, Oakland
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Make-A-Wish Foundation
Center for Elders Independence
Aapex Property Management Co.
York Hotel
Montclair Better Homes Realty
Red Oak Realty
Waho Builders
Madison Park
ReMax Realty
Imagine General Contractors
Pacific Star Realty

MSan Francisco
San Francisco
El Cerrito
Mountain View

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