Whether it’s upgrading to a newer model or no longer desiring to keep up with maintenance, homeowners have a variety of reasons for needing to remove a hot tub or jacuzzi. However, the process of removal is not as easy as some people might assume. Personal safety should always be the first thing to consider.

Gather the Right Tools and Safety Equipment for the Job

Each person involved with removing the hot tub or jacuzzi should have their protective equipment. Safety equipment should include the following at a minimum:

  • Eye protection
  • Respirator mask
  • Steel-toed work boots
  • Work gloves

The removal team will also need protective clothing, a large tarp, a reciprocating saw, a drill, and a screwdriver.

Start by Turning Off All Electrical Circuits

Ideally, homeowners should remove the water from their hot tub or jacuzzi before they attempt to dismantle or transport it. They should also ensure that they have turned the unit off and disconnected it from all electrical, gas, and water lines. Someone from the removal crew may need to access the owner’s manual for the hot tub or jacuzzi to determine the location of gas lines or special wiring. Jets, lights, and any other special elements should come out before attempting to remove the unit as well.

With all water out, the next step is to turn off the electrical components of the hot tub or jacuzzi. Common examples of electrical components include external water filtration devices and the heater unit. Next, homeowners need to remove the spa skirt if it comes with one. They will not need to saw any parts if the hot tub or jacuzzi comes with tongue-and-groove parts. Homeowners will need to refer to the owner’s manual if this is not the case.

Now It’s Time to Take the Unit Apart

The tub should be completely dry and drained of water before commencing with this step. The process begins by removing any skirting materials still remaining. After removing the skirting, the next step is to cut the outer shell or tub into pieces to make it easier to move. Anyone operating an electric saw needs to be careful not to hit any jets or nozzles not previously removed and broken down.

How to Load Debris from the Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

Depending on the size of the demolished unit, it could take multiple trips to haul it away. The person leading the demolition should cover the load debris with a tarp. The next step is to secure it well prior to heading to the junk yard for disposal.

Options for Disposing of the Parts of an Unwanted Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

Homeowners who will not use any of the scrap from demolished unit can consider throwing it in the trash. If the debris will take up more space than is available with a standard trash container, they will need to contact their waste management provider to make special arrangements.

What many people fail to realize when disposing of an at-home hot tub or jacuzzi is that they contain valuable parts others might want. Before disposing of all the cut-up debris, they might consider showing it to a local junk dealer who could be interested in paying for some of the load. Other disposal options to consider include:

  • Trade in the old unit when buying a new one. Many retailers allow buyers to use the value of the old unit towards the purchase of a new one. The process is just like trading in an old car for a newer one. Be sure to ask the dealer if this is an option, or at the very least, if the retailer is willing to pick up and recycle the old hot tub or jacuzzi to help make room for the new one.
  • Advertise the unwanted hot tub or jacuzzi for sale on free websites and applications like Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Craig’s List. When advertising the old unit, charging at least a nominal fee seems to appeal to people more than the idea of getting something free. The potential new owner might assume that the current owner wants to give it away free because it requires a lot of costly maintenance.
  • Repurpose the unwanted hot tub or jacuzzi in creative ways, such as turning it into an insulated doghouse.

Once the decision to remove a hot tub is made, the process need not be difficult if the owners follow these steps closely.