For many people, especially if they live in a hot climate, a backyard pool might seem to be an asset to enable good living. However, a pool can also be a stressful liability and some people see a big pit filled with water that’s eating away at their finances and free time. So, there inevitably comes a point where they think about draining the pool and filling in the hole. Here are six reasons why people choose pool demolition and removal.

1. To Save Money

A pool factors into how much has to be paid in property taxes, for homeowners insurance, and for utilities. Pool owners may also be shelling out money every month for a pool guy to clean out the pool and check the filter and pH levels. And, don’t forget the cost of repairs.

2. Easier to Sell a Property

An aging pool on a property can put potential buyers off. Pool removal companies get plenty of work from real estate agents who engage them to remove pools before the property gets listed for sale. The cost of pool demolition and concrete breakout will be significantly offset by the value that will be added to the property.

3. The Nest is Empty

If the kids have moved out and the grand-kids are only splashing around in the pool occasionally, many older pool owners don’t want to spend time and money on maintenance. Even if money is no problem, retirees who love to travel don’t want to be burdened with looking after a pool year-round when they’re away from home a lot. Additionally, neglected pools are not only an eyesore, they can also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other undesirable side effects.

4. To Get More Backyard

A pool in the middle of the backyard takes up space that could be put to other family uses. Space that could be used to kick a football, bounce on a trampoline, or play fetch with the dog. In many states, an unheated pool is only in use for few short months. Alternatively, homeowners can enjoy a big yard all year round.

5. Safety

Many parents with small children regard the backyard pool as a safety hazard rather than as an oasis for relaxing. Unfortunately, it’s a sad (and scary) fact that children from the toddler age to age four are at a high risk for drowning – all it takes is a distracted moment on the part of an adult for a toddler to end up in the pool.

6. Renovation Costs

Renovating an old pool is expensive. It’s usually cheaper to remove the pool than to update it. Sometimes if an old pool needs remodeling, it makes sense to opt for a new pool on a better site.

What to do After Pool Demolition

There are many ways to transform an old pool site into something new. That space can become added lawn or a sunken area with a fire pit for entertaining. So, think about what you want in place of your pool. And, when you’re ready to get rid of your pool, hire a professional company that specializes in this service.